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Phil Lidstone may be a master craftsman when it comes to photography, being a videographer and sound production; but his great passion is meeting people, getting to know them and telling their stories. He operates where the art of inspired storytelling meets the science of digital technology, perfectly capturing the moment, the event and the people who make it.

Clients seem to immediately sense that Phil’s interest in their story is genuine, that they are in good hands and can relax and enjoy themselves. Time and again, they come simply as customers looking for Phil’s technical expertise, but leave as friends too.

With years of experience in sound production, live events, system design, installation and programming, in professional photography and film making; Phil Lidstone’s Perth based business is perfectly placed to meet any of your requirements. Phil is as happy on an intimate engagement photo-shoot or baby album, as he is filming adverts for businesses, or large corporate openings.

Filming in & around Perth

Phil is a relentless learner, pursuing excellence in all he does; upgrading and investing in his skills and equipment all the time. The result is that the people Phil works for can rest assured that the end-product will be technically and creatively, everything they wanted.

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