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Philip Bloom @ BAFTA

By March 29, 2017 No Comments

As many people close to me will confess – i always strive to learn all the time. This morning is no exception.  Starting at 3am in Perth, I now find myself at BAFTA in London to attended a Sony seminar.

The exciting part of this seminar for me is Philip Bloom, sub-deity of Film making is giving the lecture.
Philip has been one of my inspirations and gurus when looking at technical parts of filming, especially with DSLR and a big part of me upgrading gear to Sony FS5 camera.  He is most definitely a pioneer in the field of cinematography and if I can learn an ounce from him it will be worth the trip. 

Whilst technical learning is always welcome – inspiration outways this tenfold. 

All part of being a life long learner. 

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