“Although talking on film about my personal experience of domestic abuse was a daunting prospect, Phil helped me through the entire process. He seemed to be able to see the story through my eyes and put the video together in a very powerful way that really portrayed how I had felt. The video he produced for our charity (which helps women and children who are the victims of domestic abuse), is very professional and creative, but also so sensitive to the issue. Everyone who has seen the video has been very moved by it.” ~ Fiona, Jubilee House

Jubilee HouseA community of second chances

Project Overview

In December 2014, the Chief constable of Scotland said that, on average, police respond to a domestic violence call every 9 minutes. The problem is growing, but you don’t’ see it. It happens behind closed doors. It feeds off cycles of fear and silence. Many people believe domestic abuse is a problem of the past, yet 1 in 4 women in the UK are affected by it today. That’s 1 in 4 women on your bus, behind the till at the shops, in your office, and in your neighbourhood. This ugly reality is all around us, whether we see it or not.

The Jubilee House film has been used in the Scottish Parliament to launch a new bill to try and tackle domestic violence.  This bill is championed by MSP Gavin Newlands. I am so glad to have been asked to make this film.